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We are actively looking for developers who are interested in starting residential projects in our area. We offer grants for new developments – please contact us for more details.


We have land available in our community that is ready for commercial development.

Large Business/Industrial

Our Business Park is a perfect location for developing a large business or industry, with many infrastructure needs already in place and several existing warehouses available for sale.

Quick facts about the St. Stephen area


The Municipality of St. Stephen is right on the border with the USA, offering direct highway access from northern Maine to the Maritime provinces.

St. Stephen is 20 minutes from the deep water port of Bayside which has 3,900 square meter dry facility and a 5,300 square meter cold storage facility on premises.

Our expanding Business Park is directly served by a branch of NB Southern Railway and is 1 minute from the 4 lane highway connecting the border to Saint John.

The Municipality has high speed fibre optical internet service, with a dark fibre network running from Europe, through Moncton to Maine.

Approximate Population of St. Stephen trade area


Opportunities of all types exist for developers to take advantage of the optimism and momentum that currently exists within the Municipality of St. Stephen. Documentation is available to prospective developers. The type of documentation available includes:

  • 2024 Housing Developers Package
  • Municipality of St. Stephen Development Incentive Policy
  • Southwest NB Housing Study

Please email for more details or use the form below.