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What’s up?

By February 14, 2018April 2nd, 2018FSS

Top Shelf Vape

The Top Shelf Vape shop has opened up on Milltown Blvd, actually since early November.  The owner has another shop in Saint John.  This is one of seven new business spaces being developed by Andy Holmes along Milltown Blvd.  He has purchased the building between his pool/hot tub shop and the former Favourite Trends.


Milltown hydro station upgrade

Last week there was an open house regarding the Milltown hydro station upgrade.  This is a $20 million investment by N.B. Power to extend the life of this station significantly while improving the migration of fish up and down the river.  Great news for us.  Did you know this is the oldest hydro dam in Canada and delivered electricity for the first time in 1887!


The 1•2•3

The 1•2•3 is a premier office building located at 123 Milltown Boulevard in Downtown St. Stephen, NB. Major renovations and expansion have recently been completed, and The 1•2•3is now home to professional corporations and non-profits including ANR Accountants, Bell City Transport, Canadian Mental Health Association, CBDC Charlotte/Kings, McInnes Cooper, Jackets Creative and Multicultural Association.


If you are new to Town (Welcome !) or interested in starting a business, contact me.  

Richard Fulton
120 Milltown Blvd
C 506-467-5153