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Less Stress... More Time

Less time in the car, more time enjoying the view...


Enjoy Atlantic Coast Living

Nature's beauty is on our doorstep...

You should consider townsizing to St. Stephen if you like the idea of…

  • going to Superstore and knowing you’ll meet people you know
  • free parking everywhere
  • walking to work
  • unspoilt lakes, rivers, and ocean a few minutes drive away
  • an average home price of $109,000
  • getting where you want to go without fighting traffic
  • buying gas in the US
  • not having to lock your car at night
  • owning a home AND a cottage for the price of a city home
  • being known in your community, but not feeling crowded
  • not being scared when your kids walk home from school
  • living in a small town, but being close to three cities & airports
  • mortgage payments that don’t cause you pain
  • an arena and pool on your doorstep
  • all kinds of clubs, sports and activities
  • a Junior A hockey team to watch at weekends
  • excellent childcare with diverse summer programs
  • being minutes from St. Andrews, one of the most beautiful coastal resorts in Canada (but not paying their house prices)
  • living on the U.S. border AND on the Atlantic coast

We are only an hour from Saint John on a brand new highway with no traffic.
It's so easy to fly anywhere we want to go. When we fly to the UK, we fly from Bangor, Maine - it's only 1hr 45mins away.

Rachael Barham

I get to spend a lot of time with my kids. I love not wasting hours of each day commuting to and from work.

Paul Harrell