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June 18, 2018

By June 18, 2018July 27th, 2018FSS

I usually avoid political discussion but recent news events make it difficult.  Let’s put a St. Stephen spin on it all.  In a world of turmoil and increasingly antagonistic relationships, St. Stephen can be a place of relative peace and calm.  We have a good relationship with our U.S. neighbors; we have good economic things happening; we still wave to our friends as we jaywalk across Milltown Blvd; we still meet them for lunch or coffee; and we still feel safe walking the streets and not locking our doors.  So what is different here?  The answer is “us”.

As we try to grow our population to make this a more prosperous community, people come here and check us out.  If they see positive, they may stay. And that is good for us whether they come from Saint John, Toronto or the Ukraine.  The recent job fair at the GCC certainly convinces us that there are lots of jobs available for all – well in excess of 300 of them as local businesses want to grow.  We are all people trying to get along and raise a family.  Life is so much better when we treat each other as friends we know, or friends we have not yet met.  Introduce yourself to your neighbors whether they have lived there forever or just moved in.

What’s new?

Approvals have been received to improve the flood prone area near the traffic circle.  That will be a huge advantage to businesses and homes in that area and we greatly appreciate the folks who stepped up to make those necessary improvements.  We should see construction this summer.

Keith Holmes has Scribbles on King St. up and running providing entertainment value to kids and parents.  In the adjoining building will be an adult education center and High Tides: Music and Head Shop, both opening soon.

Pine Grove Construction are opening a new office on Milltown Blvd.  They have been a local business for many years but we welcome this new venture.