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July 6, 2018

By July 6, 2018July 27th, 2018FSS

Festivals and Events

What do festivals and events have to do with growing a community?  A lot !  We are so fortunate to have volunteers and staff working on special events – Chocolate Fest, International Days, Fall Fair, Lumberjack Competition, Canada Day, New Brunswick Day, and others.  In most cases people are working on them all year long for a one day or one week long celebration.  It is a chance for tourists and for families with roots in Charlotte County to visit friends, to walk the streets and to generally enjoy the festivities.  In some cases it may be an introduction to the community.  In other cases it is a reminder of all the good things we have.  Some decide it is a good place to move to.  Others decide to return next year.  In all cases, we benefit from the fellowship and the economic return.

If someone is trying to decide whether Charlotte County is a good place to live, and perhaps take a new job with one of our local businesses, they check us out.  They want to know whether there is enough going on to keep them happy, whether they would feel welcome here.   Festivals and events are a great introduction because they represent who we are – people who love chocolate, people who love being outdoors listening to music or watching lumberjacks perform, people who enjoy food, and most of all people who enjoy just being together and having some fun.

Special thanks to all the people who put together and help out at events around Charlotte County.  You are true ambassadors and we appreciate what you do.