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Safe schools with friendly teachers

and kids can walk to school...


Canada's smallest university...

Premier Liberal Arts university, right in town...

The town has two elementary schools, one with a popular French immersion program, a middle school and high school. These schools have outstanding reputations for safety and student engagement, with extra-curricular programs in music, theatre, video production, robotics and of course many different sports.

St. Stephen is home to St. Stephen’s University, proudly Canada’s smallest university. SSU offers Liberal Arts degrees with travel study programs in┬áboth Europe and Asia. There are also two community colleges nearby.

There are excellent pre-schools in town, and day care/after school care facilities including a highly successful Boys & Girls Club with a huge indoor play centre.

My daughter was bored at school, so we put her in French Immersion.
She loves it, and the teachers at the elementary school are excellent.

Carol Wing

I wanted a small university where your professors actually know you.
I got that at SSU, and I got to travel the world with my whole class too. It was a life-changing experience.

Patricia Crain