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April 10, 2018

By April 10, 2018July 27th, 2018FSS

A lot of the focus of Future St. Stephen has been on attracting new residents via social media.  Now it is time to share some of that effort with those of us who live here.  Go to the website and have a look at the new Future St. Stephen section.  There you will see the various videos created for marketing purposes, a little about the goals of the organization, a list of real estate agents and apartments owners, a list of new businesses to Town, and more.  If you can think of other things which would be appropriate, let me know.    Obviously we cannot have everything but there is room for more.  Also, if your new business has been missed or you own an apartment building and want to be listed, let me know.

I had an email this week from a working couple in Ontario who are considering relocating here.  They think St. Stephen would be a perfect place to slow down their lives a little and concentrate on the important things.  Maybe that is a lesson for those of us who already live here.  Stop and smell the roses.  We have a great community with so many wonderful things to enjoy – parks and nature, small shops, restaurants, minutes to work with no traffic jams, a hospital, good schools, and most of all – friends.  Enjoy it all.  Last week, I made an appeal for folks who would be prepared to make a phone call to someone who has responded to our Marketing program and share your experiences about St. Stephen.  Please let me know if you are interested.

There is a new initiative being discussed about “Smart Communities”.  St. Stephen needs to be one.  The concept essentially suggests that we can do so much more with electronic communication than we do now, but in a very functional way.  Imagine being able to find out what is going on in the community or around the province from a single app.  Imagine being able to find living accommodations from a single app.  Imagine being able to communicate with your doctor or the hospital electronically to avoid long waiting times and difficult travel arrangements for some of us.  The key is to use electronic communication methods for practical purposes.  Not all of us have the same technical ability but if it is made easy and effective, we will learn.