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Enjoy the Kiwanis Trade Show

By March 14, 2018April 2nd, 2018FSS

Plan to attend the Kiwanis Trade Show coming up on May 4th and 5th at the Garcelon Civic Center.  It is a chance for local businesses to showcase, and for us to appreciate and support them.  Whether the business is new or has been established here for many years, and regardless of size, each one is important.  Some provide goods or services that we buy and use locally; others produce products sold across Canada, the U.S. and around the world.  In some cases, you would ask why they chose Charlotte County to set up shop.  Although in some cases it is because of the supply of raw materials such as fish or wood, in many other cases it is because of the quality of workers and the quality of life for those workers.  It is so important that we as a community do everything we can to prove our capabilities and our willingness to work hard.  Whether that is in our work ethic, our willingness to help attract and settle new companies, our government interfaces, or just our own pride in local businesses.  Get out and express your support.

New in Town – Steel is going up on the new ANBL recreational marijuana store on Route #3 just beyond the #1 highway on the left.  It is scheduled for construction completion in early summer.

Future St. Stephen group were hosted this week at the Kloosterboer facility.  They are quietly doing a great job in Bayside, receiving frozen fish by sea and distributing by rail and truck.  They are part of a much larger company serving the world.  Plans for a major expansion are close to being finalized which will help secure their future here and allow an increase in business volume and more jobs.  Thanks to the Kloosterboer company for having confidence in a little corner of Charlotte County and thanks to the employees there for earning that confidence.